ABC Apprenticeship Program, Year 3

Increased skills, competencies, and credentials through continuation of the ABC Department of Labor commercial construction apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeships typically begin in August and continue through May. The coursework consists of 3 hours of hands-on instruction and 3 hours of online homework per week. Students may work as full-time, paid apprentices in the area of their concentration with an ABC Member Business. Apprentices may experience increased wages commensurate with skills and capabilities

ABC Commercial Construction Apprenticeship Program

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Adults who have completed year 2 of the apprenticeship program


Employer Tuition Assistance Opportunities

Certifications & Outcomes

  • Potential to earn:
    • Continued, employment, promotion, and paid hands-on training opportunities with an ABC Member Business
    • An NCCER Level III Certificate
    • 12 college credits through Vincennes University
    • 2,000 on-the-job learning (OJL) hours
    • Peer-to-peer networking opportunities
    • Increased wages commensurate with skills and capabilities

Semester Start Dates

The ABC Apprenticeship Program mirrors a typical college year with classes starting in August and progressing through May.
Construction Sector
Average Employment Growth in Hamilton County
Average Construction Salary
In Hamilton County

Career Opportunities

Carpenter | Electrician | Electrical Lineman (offered in Indianapolis)  | Electronic Systems Technician (offered in Lafayette) | Glazier | Heating and Air-Conditioning Instrument Service | Pipefitting (offered in Muncie) | Plumber | Sheet Metal Worker

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Construction Pathway

Year  1

Prep Academy

Designed to introduce students to the commercial construction trades, with upwardly mobile paths of education and apprenticeships leading to essential careers.

  • Available to high school juniors and seniors
  • Commercial Construction Trades Exploration
  • Potential to earn up to 8 industry-recognized certifications, 3 dual credits, & receive NCCER Core training
  • Paid Summer Internship Opportunities with an ABC Member Business. 1 additional dual credit may be earned through an internship
  • Associated Career and Technical Student Organization: SkillsUSA

Year  2

Prep Academy

Automatic enrollment in year one of an ABC Registered Apprenticeship Program of the student’s choosing.

  • Available to high school seniors who have completed year 1 of the prep academy program
  • Located at the nearest ABC Training Centers: Indianapolis, Muncie, or Lafayette
  • Potential to earn up to 5 dual credits from Vincennes University and an NCCER Level I certificate
  • Possible paid internship opportunities with an ABC Member Business
  • Associated Career and Technical Student Organization: SkillsUSA

Post H.S.

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Post-High School Construction Pathway

  • Timeframe: If you’ve completed Prep Academy Year 2, the remaining time is typically an additional 3 years.
  • Total Cost: Typically tuition-free through employment with an ABC Member Business
  • Potential to earn up to an NCCER certification in the area of your choosing, a nationally recognized journeyman’s license, and an Associate of Science, Career/Tech Degree from Vincennes University
  • Full-Time Employment with an ABC Member Business
  • Increasing wages commensurate with skills and capabilities

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