HCWIN Partner Gaylor Electric’s Apprenticeship Program Invests in our Youth’s Future!

August 14, 2020
Gaylor Electric

Learn and Earn with Gaylor Electric!

NOBLESVILLE, IN., August 14, 2020 – Known as one of the top employers in Hamilton County and nationally renowned in their industry, Gaylor Electric, is empowering the future of our youth through their amazing national apprenticeship program!

HCWIN strongly encourages our Hamilton County area high school and college students interested in gaining invaluable hands on experience to start learning more about this outstanding program.  Gaylor provides experience in areas of electrical construction, engineering, virtual design, and other professional roles.  Check it out today at Gaylor Apprenticeship!

Hamilton County Workforce Innovation Network, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, is a county-wide, collaborative workforce development effort between local business partners, K-12 institutions, higher education, and local and state community agencies to provide in-demand workforce solutions in five key sectors: Advanced Manufacturing, Ag Tech, Construction, Healthcare and Innovation & Technology. HCWIN is made possible through a grant from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and a partnership between Gaylor Electric and Ivy Tech Community College.

HCWIN has been an integral part of the leadership team that received the 21st Century Talent Region designation from the Governor’s office in December 2019. The designation symbolizes the commitment in the county to collaborate and focus on workforce development, attraction, retention and connection. Hamilton County has identified goals that will elevate opportunities to achieve post-secondary success, provide skills for the county’s growing industries and provide the workforce needed for our growing county.


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